Business Case

Benefit management of Modular Architectures

After this development track the participant will be able to:

  • Create a business case based on the effects of modularization, standardization or configuration
  • Scoping the business case based financial format, product scope and potential benefits
  • Identify the modularization benefits based on specific context of your company

Learning objectives:

  • Understand revenue and cost breakdown of product sales, development and production
  • Define and compare real life cases of Modular Architecture benefits
  • Define phenomena behind benefits and their qualitative and quantitative impact
  • Categorize benefits to different revenue factors & cost items
  • Map benefits in relation to different types of Modular architecture features and business changes
  • Define different formats of business justification e.g. cash flow, NPV and WACC

The development track is especially designed for:

  • Product portfolio managers
  • Project portfolio managers
  • Product managers
  • Product owners
  • Consultants

Development track methods:

  • Workshops
  • Group work with real life cases
  • Individual studying

Development track material:

  • 7 step Method for scoping and presenting business cases
  • Benefit map for Modular Architecture implementation
  • Benefit one-pagers for Modular Architecture implementation


  • Aryan Christiansen

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