Our methods

Product complexity can be complicated. Our methods are not.

Are you managing or reducing complexity?

We don’t believe you have to choose between managing or reducing complexity. We will help you do both.

  • First step is analyzing and acknowledging the product complexity you have today.
  • Second step is defining the strategy for reducing today’s complexity and create a simpler tomorrow.
  • The third and final step involves preparing for implementation and making sure we change future behavior to avoid previous pitfalls.


From feelings to facts

Crucial decision making requires rigorous facts rather than hearsay and myths. Our methods deliver just that.

Visualization as key enabler

When we ask 10 people in a company to describe their architecture, we get 10 different answers. We use powerful visualization to ensure we all get on the same page.

Inclusive and inspiring

Our methods work great for stakeholder inclusion because we know how critical this is achieving the change you aspire to.

Academic heritage

We have spent years researching and developing our methods, so you don’t have to.

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