Modular Architectures

Discover how to drive down product costs while accelerating your innovation and launch speeds.

Modular Architectures, delivered

You already know how Modular Architectures can impact your business for the better. But how do you go from high-level strategy to concrete results?

At CPC, we have spent years acquiring the skills, experience, and know-how needed to materialize the effects in your organization. Through more than 350 industrial projects, we have learned what works and what doesn’t.

We offer powerful tools and refined methods to lead a pain-free process. And our people have the necessary experience in change management and governance design that will help ensure sustainable implementation within your organization.


Our experience covers a wide variety of sectors. And we offer all the tools and concepts needed to support successful modular transformations across your company.

Whether you need specific advice or general consultancy on modular transformation, we are ready to assist.

 Lead project support Lead project support

The project is in your roadmap. The team is ready, and your deadline is set. Now, let’s discuss how we make your lead project the best implementation vehicle for your Modular Architecture.

We help make sure your Modular Architecture meets your critical strategic goals while being successfully implemented with your people, your roadmaps, and your IT systems.

 Modular transformations Modular transformations

For global companies with multiple product lines, it’s often a challenge to see how the transformation should even take place. Get the help you need in planning your modular programs in the order that is right for you.

Here, we combine strategic product workstreams with new product development, people, process, and IT workstreams to create a program that delivers.

 From ETO to CTO From ETO to CTO

For companies involved in heavy engineering projects and complex development, we often see very significant modular potential. Improving time-to-market by as much as 50% is not uncommon.

Modularity carries the potential of noticeable savings in project resources and significant improvements in market responsiveness and sales. Modular Architecture also enables the use of powerful product configuration.

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