Modular Maintenance

Take control of your operational costs.

Analyze to optimize

It can be difficult to know where to start when taking control of the maintenance costs. Modular Maintenance addresses the large amount of variation in maintenance that is making maintenance costly and difficult to manage.

Modular Maintenance streamlines the maintenance process to reduce impact on production and improve reaction speed. The CPC approach uses existing information and data sources to standardize the maintenance process, from asset and equipment requirements to availability impact analyses and task descriptions.

Applying modular maintenance gives you lowered overhead costs, material costs, and allows you to minimize costly downtime due to poor planning.


We have the tools for both managing your existing assets and for evaluating expected operational costs of your future asset designs.

 Design future maintenance Design future maintenance

When designing future assets many different aspects of cost are considered, but predicting future operational costs can be difficult. Combining Modular Maintenance with our Modular Architecture toolbox, we help you evaluate the operational impacts of the design configurations under consideration.

We support you in evaluating the future designs on everything from material costs, space requirements, and maintenance frequencies to the size of shutdowns of the production for maintenance.

 Optimize existing operations Optimize existing operations

By acquiring an understanding of your maintenance processes, we apply three data-driven tools catered to the needs and requirements of your assets.

The Task Configurator enables semi-automation of both task and permit preparation; the Clustering Tool helps you get the most maintenance benefits out of necessary down time, and the Maintenance-driven Stock Optimization Tool enables a reduction of stock through more realistic use considerations.

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